Macy Wall

macy wallVMacy Wall spent many of his formative years in the Caribbean. He was fortunate to have a remarkable Calypsonian, Ludwig Peterson, as a teacher and friend. He has continued to play and sing the many tunes Peterson taught him. He was also fortunate to have his father, Howard, as a role model. Howard, in his youth, played tenor banjo in various Dixieland bands. Macy has always enjoyed performing the tunes of the late 20s and early 30s learned from Howard.

In recent years, Macy and a group of musical friends and relatives formed an Americana string band, “Sons of Good Fathers” to honor his father’s generation. The band’s repertoire included jazz standards, country, blues, and calypso tunes. After key members of the band moved away from Portland, Macy began singing with After Six, a traditional Jazz Trio led by Graham Covington with Ron Steen, Dennis Caiazza, and occasionally Marilyn Keller.

About the Band

After Six combines the musical talents of some of the finest jazz musicians in the Northwest. After Six as been entertaining the region with the music of Ellington, Gershwin, Arlen, Mercer, Rogers, Hefti and many other jazz and blues luminaries for 25 years. Our band members exhibit extraordinary improvisational musicianship at both public and private venues.