Gig Venues:

Just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed having you entertain us last night at the The Town Club. The evening was a huge success and I thank you for making it memorable.

Thank you so much, each of you for your part in providing the wonderful music last night on behalf of Northwest Business for Culture and the Arts at the Downtown Marriot. The music was excellent, perfect for the occasion, well appreciated by all.

Thank you very much for your most significant contribution to Portland Opera Guild's Gala event at the University Club. “After Six” was magnificent….BRAVO!

What a beautiful, warm addition your talents brought to Oregon Donor Program's volunteer appreciation event at the Multnomah Athletic Club! Many of our guests are very grateful for the powerful language of music being included in an event designed just for them, and you certainly knew exactly how to do that in a very professional, yet low-key way.

Loved your jazz at the Blue Monk!

You were a delight at our surprise birthday party. Many guests told us how much they appreciated your jazz.

Thanks you so much for the music on Saturday evening at Waverley Country Club. It was absolutely wonderful – just perfect! We can't wait to have another occasion for a party.

‘Tis a beauty. I listened to your CD last night and loved it – shades of Dave Brubeck and Dave McKenna. Soon it felt like family, as if it had been on our machine for many years. Have set aside Wilf's for further listening.

After Six CD: “It Don't Mean a Thing if it ain't got that swing…..”

Thank you so much. Your CD is absolutely wonderful. I love every single song.

Man that sounds Good! What a pleasure to have your CD. I'm thrilled! I just put it in my drive, so I'm only a few minutes into the disk, but Boy I'm happy!

What can I say about your beautiful CD? “S'Wonderful!” Gershwin is my favorite too. I know and love every track-they are like old friends.

We have played the CD over and over and it holds a high spot in our library of music!

I wanted to thank you (and congratulate you) for sending your CD. We have played it several times. You are the “Monk of Portland.”

We've just enjoyed our morning oatmeal to the sounds of the After Six duo. Delightful music, nicely arranged and just my cup of tea!

I love the CD and cannot wait to witness “After Six” in person.

I have listened to your CD several times and am enjoying it very much. I keep it in my CD rack between T. Monk and Oscar Peterson.

I am sure it is tiresome to hear from each of your fans individually, but I do love this disc. I especially like the selections. I don't like jazz that is super complicated, and your phrasing is really clean and the arrangements are lovely.

I have been listening to your fabulous compilation of jazz standards. Very well done!

Steve Hendricks of KMHD 89.1 called. He's going to play a couple of cuts off your CD tomorrow between 6AM and 10AM.

I am enjoying the CD. I sure hope you can't wear CD's out or I'm in trouble. I guess I realize that the combination of piano and bass is my absolute favorite combination. The songs are so great.

You were a delight at our surprise birthday party. Many guests told us how much they appreciated your jazz.

My folks thought your CD was fabulous and wanted to know if you played anywhere around town. When does your second CD come out?

I simply love the CD; it's generous (lots of selections) with each piece better than the last – until it comes back to the first one, then I like that best. In other words, they're all great.

My bride and I listened to the CD Friday evening. It was terrific. Just the thing for a glass of wine after a long week!

It's Monday afternoon and I'm sitting here doing my work and enjoying a wonderful array of music for a rainy day. Thanks for the special treat! I will be sharing it with our Service Excellence Committee and the Healing through Music Program we sponsor at Oregon Health Sciences University.



About the Band

After Six combines the musical talents of some of the finest jazz musicians in the Northwest. After Six as been entertaining the region with the music of Ellington, Gershwin, Arlen, Mercer, Rogers, Hefti and many other jazz and blues luminaries for 25 years. Our band members exhibit extraordinary improvisational musicianship at both public and private venues.